Warp It admin view
View organisation specific performance data to maximise use and control.
Download organisation specific reports to inform of positive benefits to management, staff and stakeholders.
Choose which KPIs to show the world.

Financial savings

Financial benefits associated with procurement, waste and staff time savings are viewable and downloadable.

Waste data

Waste diversion by weight (KG) is viewable and downloadable over time, including internal and supply chain savings. The factors can also be customised for local waste charges.

Supply chain emissions

Our unique database assesses Green House Gas emissions avoidance in the supply chain, due to reuse of assets within and between organisations. This is expressed as Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) and the source data is from the UK government.

Social value and Corporate Social Responsibility

The social value of reuse activities is measured to demonstrate the full impacts of resource efficiency.

User monitoring

Each user’s activities can be monitored to ensure security, good behaviour and good adoption rates as well as preventing fraudulent behaviour.

Stock monitoring

The flow of resources through the organisation can be monitored. This information can be used to inform procurement to block the purchase of new items in certain categories if they are in surplus.


Every transaction is tracked and traceable. Transaction details are downloadable.

Metrics Methodology

Want to know more detail about how we work out the real benefits of reuse and repair? Click here for the full guide:

What our customers are saying

Excellent service! 

So quick and simple to use.

Saving money and the environment!

Anon, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

I hate the idea of anything usable going to landfill!

One man's thing is another man's thingy.

I forget the details of the saying. :-)

Gordon Couper, Aberdeenshire Council

I am in the process of setting up a new office for a new service and being able to access furniture so easily is fantastic!

Knowing that we are saving the authority money and helping to prevent waste is a good feeling.

Thank you!

Anon, Shropshire Council