3rd Sector

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£88per month


(less than 500 employees)

£215per month


(500-5000 employees)

£315per month

Very Large

(5000-10,000 employees)

£395per month

Extra Large

(10000-15000 employees)

Costs are ex VAT.

Charged annually.

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What our customers are saying

So many good items are being saved from being thrown out as rubbish.

Hats off to Warp It!

Anon, University of Birmingham

Very good service. A good money saver to use items up from other offices that would otherwise be scrapped.

Vaughan Munro, HMRC

Easy to use and a great way to reduce waste!

We've managed to give our therapy room a fresh look with some replacement chairs.

We have also managed to re-home desks and office chairs that were no longer needed.

Great service!

Alex Hamlin, Humber NHS Foundation Trust