Warp It Transport guide for admins

An incredibly important part of reuse is the actual transport of the items from existing owner (contributor) to new owner (claimant). Warp It do not actually offer transport- but we can facilitate transport.

There are two types of transport transactions:

  1. Internal- where item/s are transferred between two staff members in the same organisation.

  2. External- where item/s are transferred to a 3rd party external to the primary organisations

Who is responsible for arranging the transfer and transport of items?

One overriding aspect of the system is that the claimant of the new item should incur any cost and hassle for picking up. The collection of items is to be arranged between the contributor and the requesting party (claimant).

The admin

Each portal is set up and promoted by one lead staff member known as the admin. The admin fixes how the system performs within the organisation’s policies and procedures, controlling staff access levels, controlling assets trades and controlling 3rd party links.

The system sends messages when users carry out activities. All of the messages can be customised to ensure staff know how to behave on the system.

The claim process summary

Potential claimants search the marketplace for items – either within the organisation or within other organisations.

When an item is added each record has a unique ID number.

When a claimant clicks “claim now”. They get a notification. The notification can be customised by the admin lead in the organisation.

The process for internal staff

When a claimant claims an item, they are sent a confirmation email. The confirmation email contains the details of the owner and location.

The two examples below show how two different organisations give instructions to users about how to do a transfer: See figure 1 and figure 2.

The messages are customisable depending on the primary organisation’s internal mechanisms. The admin should add in instructions on how to carry out the transaction. Some examples might be

  1. Please contact Mr Head porter on 0191 1234567 if trades take place on site.

  2. If trades take place across sites, please use our preferred supplier xyz who will make arrangements. Use xyz code for payment.

  3. Please log your transport request on the electronic form here. (link to internal job task system)

Or it might be a combination of the above.

The process for external donations

External trades (donations to 3rd parties) are dealt with in the same way but a different customisable message can be delivered. This might include access arrangements on site. Health and Safety polices. Main contact details etc. The 3rd party message also details the terms and conditions of the trade.

figure 1

figure 2