Suspension Files & Filing

Suspension Files & Filing

Item Ref - 190/61525/300

Organisation: University College London

Dimensions: 40.5w x 0d x 24.2h (cm)
Condition: Good
Location: 2nd Floor, Rm 2.16, 22 Gordon St, London WC1H OQB
Additional Info: the width measurements I gave are for the length of the metal strip across the top (eg a bit wider than the cardboard hanging part which is 36.2mm wide). The width of the actual cardboard part is 36.2mm. The height measurement includes from the top of the metal strip down to the bottom of the actual hanging file. The amount is a rough estimate - it could be between 300 and 400 or thereabouts. They mostly include the plastic tabs.

Sorry this item has expired already.

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Values for this Suspension Files & Filing

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